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Hi everyone, this week has been so rainy and miserable I haven't been able blog outside. I thought I would write a post on the make-up products that I use every-single day as I often get asked what foundation I use and it makes for a fun and different blog post! Before I get started I just want to say that no matter how much make-up I have on or how well I apply it, if I didn't have a good sleep the night before it will show on my make sure to get plenty of beauty sleep! - I love this Victoria's Secret eye mask, it always ensures I get a restful, relaxing sleep.

For the base of my make-up I like to use a water-based and thin foundation as I feel they work best for my skin type..I have been using Mac face & body foundation since I was in 1st year of high school and I have never looked back..It is the perfect in-between for a foundation and tinted moisturiser- My ultimate fave product. 

Under-eye concealer is a must have for me, I have always had dark circles under my eyes as I have inherited them from other family members..yay! I don't ever wear thick make-up but I have to admit I really do pack a-lot of concealer on to hide these favourite is just a cheap drug-store Miss Sporty one at £1.99 it's so creamy and really brightens up my eyes!

I like to use two bronzers because contouring doesn't really work for me and I also have a major phobia of being before I set my make-up I like to use the Chanel "Soliel Tan De Chanel"...This product is amazing- It really makes your skin glow with a healthy tan..I can't go without it!

I set my face with a sheer Natural Collection powder..again this product is £1.99..I don't see the point in spending lots of money on a see-through powder, I have used lots of translucent powders and this one definitely wins my vote!

Once I have set my face I like to go in with another bronzer..this time a powder one, I like to use the Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in the colour "Dark" but it also comes in lots of other colours. For blushers I sway between two depending on how tanned I am (if i'm wearing fake tan or if i've been on holiday) when I am paler I like to use "Peach Twist" by Mac and when i'm a bit more tanned I like to wear "Modern Mandarin" also by Mac!

For highlighter I usually use two..Nars "Albatross" powder highlighter and Benefit's "Sun Beam" liquid highlighter but unfortunately I've just ran out and haven't yet re-purchased! 

For eye-brows my absolute favourite is my Hourglass wax pencil..It's pricey but amazing! It really gives your eyebrows that natural but defined finish..Love! My mum brought me back these two products from America a few months back, the Urban Decay tattoo liquid liner in the colour "Trooper" and an eye shadow in the colour "Toasted". This eye liner is the most black and thick consistent eye pen I have ever really is like a tattoo- most pens I use run out in less than a week or two but this product lasts forever! The eye-shadow is the perfect shade between gold and copper and is perfect for an everyday eye make-up look! 

For lips I tend to mix it up depending on my mood...if my lips are dry I love to wear my Rodial Glam-stick in the colour "Revenge"- I have been using these lip butters for holy grail lip moisturising and taste amazing with the coconut flavour but also come in an amazing selection of colours!

For everyday gloss I always reach for this Dior one in the colour "Dormeuse" which is a lovely subtle pink! 

Nude lipsticks are hard to find for me, they always look too light so I opt for a more brown shade..My favourite lipstick/lipliner duo has to be Mac "Velvet Teddy" lipstick and "Whirl" lipliner!

For everyday perfume I like something fresh and light with a floral scent so I tend to swap between the Chanel "Chance" and Narciso Rodriguez.

When i'm going out at night or for a special occasion I prefer to wear a stronger and darker two favourites are the Tom Ford "Velvet Orchid" and the new Marc Jacobs  "Decadence". I also love "Black Orchid" by Tom Ford which is unisex..all their scents are gorgeous.