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Happy Early Valentines Everyone! One of my favourite days ever...

I love all things red and heart shaped..What girl doesn't? I hope you all get a special Valentine this year, and if not..then spoil yourself! This is going to be a long post..I have lots to discuss!

 I attempted my own little flower box to treat myself...and I think it looks great! I love flowers and I love home decor and this looks super cute beside my bed. It's also a great, inexpensive and special gift to give to someone on Valentines day..and very easy to make! This is obviously inspired by all the amazing rose boxes on Instagram especially Maison Des Fleurs, J'adore Les Fleurs and the gorgeous box I received last month from The Rose Box..If you haven't seen it, it's in my fashion category!

To make a similar box to mine, find yourself a pretty box..I had this one from Christmas, It was a lovely gift from SHE by SMD..She's also done a great Valentine's post this year so check it out..She always has little details down to a T. It was the perfect little chic box from TK Maxx for some DIY. I snipped down some red roses and popped them in with some water and that's it done!

To finish off my little flower box I added a silk black bow and some white roses on top! How lovely does this look to hand somebody? I'll definitely be trying some more DIY things too so keep an eye out..I really enjoy being creative and trying new things..and of course sharing it with all my blog readers.

Now on to the exciting stuff..Underwear is an essential for V-day, even if no one is going to see it..the perfect set can make you feel special and confident. I LOVE Boux Avenue..I'll be honest, I don't treat myself to special underwear very often, I stick to the more cheap and everyday casual stuff..but I thought, It's Valentines day..so why not!?

Boux Avenue have the prettiest sets..and to finish it off the packaging is beautiful, they wrap it all up in tissue paper and add scented rose petals..What more could a girl want? 

I really could of gotten so carried away in there. I couldn't decide between this nude and black set or a lace bodysuit..But I thought I would get more wear out of the set and I love it! 

Padded bras are a thing of the past for me, I much prefer lace and how it sits on my body. I never usually go for suspenders..but this matched the set so perfectly I had to have it. Although..I did remove a bow from the middle of it. I like tiny bows but sometimes they are a bit much and I think it looks much classier without!

I never wear red but who can resist on Valentines day? It's a must! I think little touches of red are perfect for Valentines day/night. My outfit won't be red so details like underwear, lips and nails are really cute and a nice change from the norm. This set is from ASOS, they have such nice non-padded bras online and I just can't get enough! The black trims really make it look special.

So for lips, obviously I'm going for red.... I'm going to wear my Chanel lipstick with a Chanel gloss on top...Gloss always makes your lips look kissable..and that's what we're all going for on this special day!

For nails..Sinful Colors polish is always my go-to! So shiny and lasts quite well for a polish. They have such a great variation of colour..these can be purchased in Boots for £1.99 each. I have 3 options this V-day..Hot pink, Red or Coral..I'll probably go for the middle one to keep to the theme! 

 I love little touches and what better little touch is there than a red sole? I'll be pulling out my Christian Louboutin "So Kates" Theres no occasion better than Valentines day to wear these..they always make me feel special. I'll probably go for an all black outfit, probably a skirt or dress. I hope you all have a great day/night! I can't wait to spend it with my special someone.

Happy Valentines When It Comes!