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Firstly, I must start of by saying that this blog post is very long over due, I got my extensions fitted in July and it is now the end of August but the reason for that being is that I really wanted to provide you all with an honest review so I wanted to wait and see how I found them after a month so I could give you all an honest opinion! 

Hairdreams is an Austrian hair extension brand and i'm so shocked that I have only just discovered it, although I have never actually wanted or needed extensions as I have naturally thick hair I couldn't say no when I saw the unusual and very amusing method that they use and felt the quality of the hair, it was too good an opportunity to turn down.

The reason I have never heard of Hairdreams is because it is only offered in one salon in Glasgow and I think the whole of Scotland! I went to Mesart in the Westend to get mine fitted, they also have a salon in Uddingston. I went for a consultation with Julia at Mesart who fits all the Hairdreams extensions in the salon to see if getting extensions would be for me or not- We agreed that for my hair type and length it would be best to add the extensions for volume and not length as I recently got my hair cut much shorter than it has previously been and wasn't ready to go back to having long locks just yet! I left the consultation feeling so excited and couldn't wait to get them fitted.



The hair that Hairdreams uses is by far the most high quality extension hair I have ever felt, I honestly cannot feel the difference between my hair and the extension hair, it feels the exact same and is colour matched perfectly. I was matched up with two colours to give a natural, realistic effect and to match my natural hair perfectly. Usually when extensions are fitted they sit very straight and shiny and almost look heavy, this isn't the case with Hairdreams- all their extensions are 100% real human hair- it looks, feels and moves/bounces just like real healthy hair does, the quality is insane and that's why I couldn't say no even though I didn't think I needed hair extensions.

The bonds on these extensions are different to normal standard flat bonds that most extensions have. These "nano bonds" are TINY, super strong and light, I can't even feel them when brushing and washing my hair! The nano bonds sit completely flat against your hair unlike some other brands and this is perfect for brushing your hair and styling it without any bonds showing through. 

There is two types of hair with Hairdreams, 5* and 7*. I have the 7* extensions and the quality is amaaaazing. I have felt the 5* and can honestly say that there is not much difference between the two, they are both such great standard and I would be so happy with either or. Hairdreams quality control is so strict and they won't accept any hair that is any less than perfect. I had 75 7* extensions put into my hair and It honestly feels weightless, I can't feel a difference, but I can certainly see one.



The application of the extensions amused me so much, I have never seen a technique quite like this before! Hairdreams uses a new and most innovative method with it's laserbeamer NANO system which puts in 5 of extensions at once with the push of a button. This not only means that the application is very fast but it also means that each bond is put in to the same high quality and standard. 

Julia used the laserbeamer to put in the majority of the extensions then added some singly in the front and top to create a very natural look which was customised to me.

Hairdreams provided me with a hair kit to look after my extensions- a shampoo, deep conditioner, shine spray and a hair brush made especially for these extensions.

The shampoo and conditioner are just the same as most but the shine spray really makes a difference to my hair, it detangles my hair so easily and leaves it feeling super shiny and bouncy without dragging it down! I use it every time I wash my hair and love it!

The hairbrush is so useful too, It glides right over my extensions and never gets caught, sometimes a normal hairbrush will tug a bit on the bonds so I tend to just use this brush from now on and sometimes my Maison Pearson brush which is similar to this.

After my extensions were fitted, Julia passed me on to Jack Baxter a hair stylist in Mesart for a cut and style. He thinned out the bottom of my hair so it looked less choppy and shaped it into my face for a natural finish and to give it a lift. If you aren't looking for extensions but want a little change to your hair I really recommend going to Jack as he's great at styling, I often come out of the hairdressers and re-curl my own hair as I never seem to be happy with a bouncy blow dry or curls. But Jack used GHD straighteners to create beachy curls which I have never had done before, I loved them! I was Hairdream ready for my night out- I danced the night away and the curls were still perfect when I got home!

Overall, I'm so happy I got my Hairdreams extensions fitted, my hair feels much thicker and fuller and it also dries with a nice wave in it which means less styling on a day-to-day basis! I didn't want to see a huge difference in my hair because I love my hair and I don't see a huge one with Hairdreams, but I do see a good one- it has enhanced and gave my natural hair a lovely lift and volume and I'll definitely get them again, I'll maybe even add some length next time!

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