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After two weeks in Palm Springs (click to read blogpost), we decided to drive to LA and spend a couple of days there before getting our long flight back home. LA was a big change from the weather in Palm Desert dropping around 25 degrees which made it much more bearable to walk around without almost passing out from the heat! It was also a huge difference going from a desert to a city and it was only a 2 hour drive apart- That's what I like about California, you can travel a short distance in the car and feel like you are somewhere completely different!  



After checking into our hotel in Beverly Hills which was a short walk to Rodeo Drive, it was time to explore the magical street before heading off for lunch. This famous street didn't disappoint, I could have spent hours in the amazing boutiques and looking around the designer shops! How amazing is this Saint Laurent decor? 

I bought this dress from Zara before my trip to California and I knew it would be the perfect dress for exploring LA in as it was hot enough to wear bare legs but not too hot that I couldn't wear long sleeves! I love the embroidered flowers that really make a statement against the black of my fave dresses that I can wear with tights and boots back home! 


We headed to The Ivy for lunch and it really was a lunch to remember, it made my trip to LA really special as I had always wanted to visit here! I've been to The Ivy in London but this one just took it next level. We were greeted with pink champagne/pink lemonade and strawberries..such a cute touch before being seated!

This place had such a buzzing atmosphere and was super's almost impossible to get a table, so I made sure I booked almost two weeks in advance! With a choice to sit inside or outside, we decided to sit outside to soak up the view onto Robertson Blvd and sit in amongst the lively vibes of the terrace! 

Blending in with the decor..I'd be lying if I said I didn't pick my outfit to match all the colourful flowers at The Ivy...Fresh flowers and fresh scones waiting on your table along with lemonade and champagne before you order..can I go back now?

The food was so lovely, I'm obsessed with ravioli and this one was probably the best I've ever had! I would definitely recommend going here, it was my favourite stop in LA for sure- We sat for hours in the sun drinking, chatting and having a great time.


Late night cravings on holiday calls for one thing..Ice cream! After hearing so much about Sprinkles I was desperate to go and see their famous cupcake ATM, ice cream and cookies!

This cupcake ATM provides a sweet fix to cupcake lovers 24 hours a day! With a selection of different freshly baked cupcakes, they are handed to you at the click of a button, just like withdrawing cash from an ATM! What an amazing idea. The red velvet cupcake was definitely my favourite! 

The red velvet obsession didn't stop when I went for ice-cream.. The selection of ice-cream and different cones is unreal, America froyo and ice-cream shops are next level with their variety of flavours and toppings. A red velvet cone!? yes yees yessss.


I couldn't go to LA and not visit Melrose Avenue- It's famous for it's beautiful wall art and stylish shops with bloggers and trendy people snapping pictures at every wall in sight! It really is an amazing place and if you love fashion and art like me, you can't give this street a miss when in LA.

Flying over Melrose!


After visiting Melrose Avenue, we headed to Alfred Coffee for a little rest from exploring. This coffee house is just off Melrose Place. It's a hot spot for fashion bloggers and social media lovers in LA so I had to visit!

I noticed most people here were on their laptops and it's really wifi friendly, It's the perfect place for getting some work/blogging done outside or inside with the help of a coffee/iced coffee. Can Glasgow get an Alfred's please?

This little coffee house is queued out the door, and if you don't like coffee there's plenty of other things to make you love Alfred's..downstairs you'll find a mini-market of fresh juices, pastries and sandwiches..and trust me, it's all Instagram-worthy! How cute are the cups?



Shopping time.. After being on the hunt for 2 weeks in Palm Desert for nude and black Chanel espadrilles I was left disappointed when no where had them after saving up for months before my trip in the hopes of finding them in the US! 

In LA, we headed to the Chanel boutique on Rodeo Drive and after discovering that they only had tweed espadrilles I lost all hope, if they didn't have them then where would? The sales assistant told us to head to Barney's as there could be a chance they would have them, but it would be slim.

Barney's in LA is one of the most amazing department stores I have ever been in..they have everything! They have the most amazing staircase leading to so many floors and departments..I was in heaven! We headed straight to the shoe department and they had quite a large selection of Chanel espadrilles on display but not the nude and black that I was desperate for. 

I decided to try on a random pair for size and the SA told me that he had some more in the back..and to my surprise he brought out one pair of black and nude espadrilles in my size which were the last pair..eeep, I was so happy! 

The perfect purchase to the end of a perfect holiday. My plan was to get these in Palm Springs so I could style them with all my summer outfits on holiday and although that didn't go to plan and when I went back home it was too rainy to get any wear out of them, I cannot wait to wear these next summer! Even if all I can do for now is look at them!

LA was so much fun and I can't wait to be back one day..There's so much to do and we squeezed so much into a quick couple of days! If you have any questions on anywhere I visited don't hesitate to comment!