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The Teddy Bear Coat

the best fluffy teddy bear coats, where to buy them and how to style them

Welcome to the new category of my blog Journal. This section is going to be used as my own little space on the internet to talk about current trends, styling and fashion news.

I decided to get rid of the beauty category of my blog as I haven’t been incorporating that into my content at all recently and my analytics showed that you guys weren’t really interested in that either compared to my fashion and lifestyle sections. I am in my 4th year of university and with hopes to apply for jobs in the summer I would like to make my blog more of a professional portfolio as well as just posting my outfits. Journal will be used to expand all parts of my website and go into more depth about things I post about as well as using computer aided design to assist with the designs of my posts and images.

This first journal is going to be all about the vintage inspired Teddy Bear Coats which have been a huge trend on catwalks, celebrities and the high street in AW/18 and the recent months of 2019.

The reason why I think teddy coats are such a must-have for everyone’s wardrobe is because they are 1. super stylish 2. super cosy and comfortable. There is one for everyone - whether it be the bold colour wearers, the people on a budget, the big spenders, the teddy coat comes in so many different variations depending on the customer. I personally love pulling my teddy coat over simple outfits when I’m in a rush and I always feel fashionable and warm without effort.

Below I have listed a bunch of my favourite teddy coats. Different colours, prices and textures…I believe that a teddy coat is a true investment piece and if you base your purchase on cost-per-wear you will most likely get your moneys worth with the more expensive ones. Mine is literally stuck to my back so I have definitely had my moneys worth with my House Of Skylar one...not quite Max Mara but it is great quality. On the other hand, if you don’t think this trend will be around for long and don’t want to invest, the high street and online stores have amazing alternatives for a cheaper price tag.


For an investment I think these two are great. Obviously the price point is very different between the two but the House of Skylar coat is a splurge for me whereas the Max Mara coat (the classic teddy coat) may be a splurge to someone else.. it’s the dream of all teddy coats.

savers final.jpg

My two favourite teddy coats I found to be the best value for money. I think these look much more expensive than they are. A short and long option and two different colours to choose from. I love the pale teddy colour to wear with an all black outfit and I love the brown colour over light denims and trainers.

high st faves.jpg

When looking through the high street stores, these two coats caught my eye the most. They look very thick and feel super soft. I also love the collar details on both of these coats, I think this makes them look very high quality as they don’t look flimsy at all. The Mango coat is my favourite from this list - the colour and texture is perfect.


Above I have inserted street style images of outfits that I have put together with different colours of teddy coats to give an idea on how to style them. I love these coats as they can be worn casually with a lounge wear set (my ultimate comfy go-to outfit) or it can be worn with jeans, a cute top and trainers for a effortless everyday look or dressed up with a high boot and sleek accessories for a fancier event.